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To configure Mailster can be a somewhat daunting task. So I am giving you step-by-step instructions.
1. Don't worry about the configuration tab. It's all setup for our customers.
2. Go to Mailing Lists and click on New Mailing List - don't panic!!
-Pick your mailing list name. If you are only going to have one mailing list, then your company name here is fine.
-Enter the email address that you want to be the list address. We will create info@, admin@, webmaster@ automatically, and any other emails you request. I suggest using as the mailing list address.
-Enter the mailing list admin email - usually .
-Make sure Active is set to yes
-Save but don't close.
You'll get a warning about the mailbox settings. Click OK and the system will take you to that tab.
This is a little tricky because Mailster is a temperamental and sometimes the first thing you enter doesn't work.
1. Enter the Host/Server (domain/IP of the mail server). Since we provide the email for the mailing list, use the followng:
2. User/Login (username that is used to login to the mailbox. Often the email address or the email address without the domain part). Use the following:
3. Password (email password). We provide the email password to you when the email addresses are created. You can either change the password or leave the one we gave you.
4. Port (port number of the mail service - depends on the protocol). Use the following:
5. Protocal (protocol of the mail server). Use the following:
6. Secure Setting (security settings related to the communication between Mailster and the mail server). Use the following:
7. Use secure authentication (secure authentication = don't send password unencrypted, must be supported by the mail server). Use the following:
8. Special Parameters (special parameters (optional), not needed for all mail servers. For example when you use a server with a self signed certificate, you have to use the parameter /novalidate-cert to deactivate the certificate check during the connection start. Use the following:
9. Click on Check Inbox Connection.  Good luck.
If this didn't work for you - don't panic! Try this instead:
Host/Server -
Check inbox connection.
If it still isn't working, submit a support ticket and I'll fiddle with it until it works!! Still - don't panic!
Go to the Sender Settings tab:
1.  Use Joomla mailer?
  Select NO
2.  Host/Server - ft86.websitewelcome.com (if this doesn't work try - )
3. User/Login - same email as in mailbox settings
4. Password - use same password as in mailbox settings
5. Port - 25
Secure setting - None
6. Use secure authentication - NO
7. Check sender connection
8. If it doesn't work and you've tried both variants, submit a support ticket and I will fiddle with it until it works! Don't panic!
Remember to save!!
Check out the mail content tab and make any changes you feel the need for. Do the same for list behavior, sending behavior, suscribing, and notifications. The only thing that can be edited in notifications is Notify Senders of Not Forwarded Emails. You should set that to yes.
Do not do anything with tools!! Needless to say chaning anything there can throw a huge monkey wrench into the works - and it will cost you money for me to fix that. So save a buck and let that tab alone.
Remember - if this is too intimidating or confusing - submit a support ticket and I can walk you through it.
Good Luck!!