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RS Monials

This is a component that allows site users to submit testimonials regarding your services, product, etc...
If you determine that you can use this compenent, it is very simple.
Go to Components > RS Monials
Click on settings.
Edit name of administrator, and edit the administrator email. You want to use your name and email unless you have a site administrator that you want to enter.
Leave the rest of the tabs at their defaults - unless you know how to program .css files, the rest is all setup for you.
Create a menu for RS Monials
Go to Menu and if you have more than one menu, decide which one you want it to be on.  If you want to create a new menu, see the video for creating a new menu.
Assuming you have your menu selected, click on the New button at the top right.
This will bring up a window that has the following items:
Menu Item Type: from the drop down choose RS Monials
On the right, What To Show? Choose what you like from the list. However, if you don't show your submission form here, you'll have to create another menu item to do that.
Menu Title: don't be too original or your users will be confused and you may not get the testimonials you are hoping for - I recommend you use "Testimonials"
Leave Alias blank as the system will fill that in for you.
Leave Note blank as well, unless you wish to have a note.
Make sure your access is public, your menu is correct, and if its not a sub of another menu item, make sure it says parent.
The only other item you need to worry about - because the global configuration for link type options and page display options, and module assignment has already been taken care of - is the metadata options.  Feel free to fill this out.