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Embedding a SmugMug Gallery on Your Website

1. Login to your SmugMug account
2. Go into a gallery
3. Buttons on the upper right are Style, Upload, Tools, Themes, Share, and Slideshow
4. Click on Share
5. Select Show Off
6. Scroll to bottom
7. Click on Configure Options
8. Configure as desired
9. Update Slideshow
10. Click on Copy Embed Code
11. Open your website
12. Open the article you created to place your slideshow
13. Click on the source toggle Source Code button (the button with <> on it)
14. Go to the end of the existing code and hit enter
15. Use CTRL V to paste in the code
16. Go to the frontend of your site and refresh. You should see the slideshow in the article you want it.
17. If you can’t find your article – be sure to create a menu item for it